well, not really.  so, here’s the story.  shay and i went to watch the movie “the lost boys” at the red rocks amphitheater.  just in case you don’t know (and i didn’t), the movie premise is a group of teenage vampires living in southern california, killing people and looking really good doing it.  like kiefer sutherland good.

so, shay & i ended up sitting next to one hardcore biker & his wife.  he let us sit on his jacket as a cushion.  that’s when we noticed how hardcore he really was – he was a hell’s angel.  when it started to rain midway through the film, he let us wear the jacket, and it fit over the both of us.  needless to say, they were the sweetest biker and biker’s lady we have ever met.  it was an all around good night.

death by stereo!

love, meg.