if there is one thing i know is true, it is that life is more fun when you have someone to share it with.  for some, that is a significant other, family, friend, or a pet.  for me, it is shaylah.  she visited me for a week a little while back, and i have yet to share the photos from our times together.  (also, i really haven’t done much since she left, except for one early morning rocket launch.)

here shay is at the boulder county fair – a late night impulse.  see that really tall ride in the back – we rode it twice!  we are very extreme.

we also checked out the downtown denver club scene.  the conclusion from that evening: overpriced drinks + half-naked girls + bad house music = not as much fun as you’d think.

i do not generally like breakfast.  in fact, i typically skip it so i can fill up on the second best meal of the day – lunch.  however, the breakfast joint, snooze, in denver changed my beliefs entirely.  here is shaylah with a white chocolate, cinnamon pancake, which she looks like she enjoys.

shay might kill me for this, but we bought matching pajamas at anthropologie.  don’t we look darling!

there is a wonderful contest by banana republic to win a guest role on the television show mad men.  we had a hoot dressing up and pretending raspberry lemonade in a martini glass looks like a cosmopolitan.  fooled you, didn’t we!

if you would like to see my face on primetime television, go to this website to vote for my picture:  http://madmencastingcall.amctv.com/browse/names/247

if my name (meg todd) doesn’t show up on this page, go up or down a few pages to find me – it is in alphabetical order.  and you can vote every day!  i promise to thank you as i am receiving my emmy!

so, as you see, friends and family make good times even better.  i love my best friend.

xoxo, meg.