to new schedule is incredibly difficult- especially if you’re used to waking up whenever you want, watch ELLEN, drink as many cups of coffee you want, taking your time picking out what to wear

to all of a sudden

jumping out of bed, scrambling to pick a cute outfit in 2 minutes, not having time to make coffee (and instead spend 4 bucks at starbucks, boo.), AND missing my beloved talk show host.

that is what my week looked like when i started my new job at an awesome non-profit organization. the morning might be rushed and not how they used to be, but i love every moment i am at my new job. and the best part is i have been inspired for some future adventures that maybe i will talk about later…

this is what i would like to do in the morning…

there are so many options- can you understand my issue in the morning? or am i the only one!

have a happy day…. shay.