this week is full of projects and i feel like i have been doing nothing but research- but the fun research where you loose track of time and you have a headache from looking at the computer screen but you don’t care because it such cool stuff. this is me doing exactly that.

this photo is taken by Danny Ebersole . who is going to be helping me with a new project… wait for it…

A DARKROOM IN MY BASEMENT! i am over the moon. i have wanted a darkroom since my aunt & uncle first showed me theirs when i was 12. my 12 year old self would be so proud of where i ended up. so, naturally i will keep you updated on this progress as it will be what will motivate me to clean my basement (which is a big deal, folks!)

also, i have some other super fun projects happening this week and i would be a fool not to give you sneak peeks through out with week. stay tuned!