what a wonderful question.  it would seem that way, wouldn’t it?  however, i am very, very alive, and i have thrilling news for you.  since august 22nd of 2010, i, meg brooke todd, have been on a deep space mission to the farthest extents of our galaxy.  take a second to process that…

now for the obvious questions, and obvious (at least to me) answers:

1Q. where did you travel to, and why?

1A. although i cannot give the specifics as the mission is not yet declassified, i can show you the view from my window on my spaceship, and you may use your best astronomical knowledge to decipher for yourself.  i went on this space mission namely because the president of the united states told me to do so personally.  i also went for the sake of space exploration and other silly reasons…
2Q. but meg, i saw/spoke to/danced with/kissed/snowshoe-ed with you sometime between august 22nd and now.  how can you explain that?

2A. easy peazy.  advancements in holographic technology has improved significantly in the past year, and the media has neglected to cover this vital scientific information (take it up with katie couric, folks).  the “meg” that you have been interacted with for the past months was a highly-tuned hologram of the human meg that you know and love.  i call her “meg 7.0” (sooo much better than the earlier versions).  she has been living in denver – making friends and making rockets.  you see, i couldn’t reveal to anyone that i (human meg) was leaving on a spaceplane for a long time.  i mean, my mother gets nervous about me walking around denver after 8:30PM.  could you imagine how much this trip would disrupt the well-being of my dearest friends?  nevertheless, meg 7.0 took my place in this world, and she had a wonderful time living my life.  i have downloaded her memory file (the technical term for the file that holds memories) into mine, and i now have full-recollection of these past months.  i will share the contents of this file at a later date.

3Q. well, if you won’t show us where you lived, will you at least show us where meg 7.0 lived?

3A.  certainly.  7.0 lived in a teeny downtown studio with magnificent windows and high ceilings.  and she thinks that it is wonderful.  take a peek…

as you can see, it is a marvelous place to live, and meg 7.0 did a surprisingly good job at decorating given her programming.  my one qualm with the home situation that i returned to was all of the dirty laundry.  i had forgotten that holographic entities don’t do so well with water.  hence, the following picture with a very sassy looking puppy:

i am so glad to be back though.  like i said before, i have a ton to tell you about, including but not limited to: my swell friends, my new city, and my rad job.  stay tuned…i am not going anywhere and if i was, i couldn’t tell you!

xoxo. meg (version 1.0).