shay here! (i like that i have to say that now because meg started to blog again! you should let her know how happy it makes me) well, i’ve been spending a lot of time in my office and wanted to share some of my most favorite things.

1. my rockin’ camera shelf that i tricked meg into building me while she was out on the east coast for new years. it’s like one of my favorite things in the whole world. 

2. my blown up polaroid (i sell them if you want to have one in your art collection there is a future famous person who has one-it’s of a life size robot i met). this one is 20*20 and the photo never developed so i made abstract designs with a pen and it came out sort of nifty. i want this whole wall to be giant polaroids. it’ll happen. 

3. my inspiration wall. that is mostly koto bolofo’s photos & kate spade. 

that’s about it. oh, and right now i really love this dracula mug i stole from my husband.