hello guys and gals.  i have been working on a couple o’ art projects for my bare home in a very vibrant town.  you might have seen it in a previous post already, but there are currently two ginormous bicycle wheels covered in plastic colored flowers hanging in my windows.  you also might have seen this idea in an anthropologie storefront early last year.  that is because i am an original copycat by nature and blatantly stole their creativity.  can you blame me?  see below:

this was taken pre-‘the really difficult feat of hanging it from my window ‘ next to the very good, very funny ‘identical twins’ print by judy kaufman of barcelona.

okay.  now for the new stuff, which i coincidentally stole from another art source.  here are the ingredients for the masterpiece: (1) 5×7 white plywood board, (1) drill with matching 3/4 inch drillbit, (750) wooden dowels of three-inch length, (5) bold paint colors, and an infinite amount of patience.  I have all of the ingredients for this piece and am awaiting the weekend to utilize the patience/time aspect of it.  this is kinda, sort of what it will look like:
instead of a saucy cartoon lady, imagine a ray gun shooting out an electrifying stream of orange lasers!  EXTREME ART in the todd home coming your way soon.  as a side note, if anyone wants to spend saturday evening painting hundreds of dowels, i can make all of those dreams come true.  you are welcome.