i hope that everyone remembers that wonderful nickelodeon show.  it really made me want to grow up to be a beach bum surfer with dreads.  instead, i became a stupid rocket scientist.  lame-o.

since i can’t show you knarly videos of me shredding the sick waves, i present to you highlight videos from one of my launches this past month.  go Atlas OTV-2!  go X-37B!

if you want the quick run-down of this video, check out the following frames:

0:17 – looking up the ‘skirt’ of the rocket makes me feel like a nerd/pervert

1:13 – ignition of engines = coolest/scariest thing ever

1:24 – that’s a whole lot of exhaust.  a whole lot.

1:32 – did i mention this was my job?  also, wouldn’t an eagles of death metal song be a better choice for this highlight video?  who picked the ‘anthem of teamwork and success’ song?

so, what exactly were we putting up into orbit around old mother earth?  the x-37b is a reusable, unmanned, mini-space shuttle that was developed by boeing.

it has an experimental bay for storing clandestine payloads that it will release during orbit, and then, it will return to earth.  it reminds me a lot of shamu, the killer whale at sea world, at first glance.  do you not agree?

this week, i promise to be less nerdy in my posts, but i had to take a moment to share my appreciation of the scientific advancements as it relates to the abyss of space.  to infinity and beyond!