hey party people.  have you been wondering where meg is?  well, right now, she is typing this absurdly overdue blog post in the comfort of her own home.  you read correctly.  as of april this year, meg became a grown-ass woman and bought a house.  in fact, if you asked me to introduce myself, the phrase “grown-ass” would find its way in there somehow.

would you like to see my new digs?  well, that’s too bad because it is the evening, and the lighting would be awful.  however, you can help me with one MAJOR design dilemma i am facing.

the front door.  take a look.

nice first look at the place, right?  brownish-grey brick with a black roof.  bear in mind that the mat, light fixture and metal plate will be going away very, very soon. also, i just noticed that you cannot actually see the front door as my body in the place where it should be.  take my word on it though when i say it is nothing special –  the same color as the brick and a window that occupies roughly half of the door.

in case you don’t know me at all, i dream of living in the sleekest, sassiest, modern-ist home ever.  keep that in mind as we go through front door color options.

1.  black.  super glossy.  sleek.  will not distract from the beautiful, colorful artwork that will reside inside the home. (no, not me!)

2.  electric blue.  not too brash but it definitely amps up the curb appeal.

3. yellow!  wowza.  i love how it is styled with this house (which happens to be very similar to my home color palette).  i am nervous about all of the attention that’s called to the house, namely because i am an antisocial neighbor.
4. turquoise or sky blue.  super clean and bright.  i originally liked this option given that the immediate interior of my home is painted swan white and will have gold furniture accents (see first photo).i was going to offer an hermes orange, but i thought with the black roof my place would look like halloween town.  now, this is door democracy so please leave your vote on my front door color in the comments section.  this change will take place next week with or without your vote, but don’t blame me when you don’t want to be seen in my home given the ghastly front door!

i promise to post more often because (a) i can’t make these decisions on my own and (b) my life is so damn fascinating.  til then.

xoxo. meg.