i’ve received a few emails asking “who is photos & space?” well, this blog started out as a way for two best friends living on different sides of the country to share what they were wearing, buying, thrifting, reading, eating… all the things that best friends talk about. But, over the year it has sort of evolved into shaylah fawn’s photography blog. But, dear old meg still has tricks up her sleeve and has so many fun things to blog about- so don’t be confused when you end up reading something that is super witty, undeniably funny, with a splash of sweetness, because that’s meg for ya! here’s a little bit about us! 

[shaylah fawn] lives on the northshore of boston. editorial photographer. wife. tries to keep things simple. is a ridiculous dreamer.

[LIKES] church. cherry tomatoes. riesling. lime water. bobby hebb. dresses. the farm. patsy cline. her husband. men in bow ties. peonies.

[meg] lives in the rocky mountains. rocket scientist. curator of everything fabulous.

[LIKES] nutella milkshakes. astronomy. brussel sprouts. records. boys with mustaches. riesling. cappuccinos. a good book. learning. the rain.

we love hearing from all of you & really appreciate your emails! so keep them coming at fawndeviney[at]gmail.com