italy_6179whenever I leave Phoenix it’s like going through a bad breakup. My stomach is in knots. I feel sick. I can’t eat. I toss and turn all night before I leave. I do everything I can to stall going to the airport. and when I’m there I try to find a way back home. Yesterday when I was leaving it was the worst it had ever been. It really took all the strength I had to board that plane. And, the airport is not the prime location to have uncontrollable crying. the bathrooms echo and there isn’t a dark quiet corner in the whole joint. I was leaving my parents. my aunt. amazing sunsets. my best friend. my girlfriends. my favorite restaurants and coffee shops. grid streets. I was leaving home

But, when I  landed in boston and saw my incredible husband waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs the bad breakup I had with phoenix was mended with the greatest love. I was home with Jon. And everything was right again. It had been a month since I  was in his arms. His embrace is the best place in world. Where ever those arms are that is home. any hurt or sadness I was feeling when I landed in boston disappeared when I was reunited with my love. His patience with me is unfathomable. He married a jet-setting gal who has a difficult time staying put. always dreaming up the next thing. I’ve been told I have a little too much energy. But, no matter how unrealistic my ideas are Jon will listen and support me while being the reasonable one. I’ve never met a man with so much wisdom and compassion – not just for me but for anyone who needs it.italy_6150

So, while I am homesick today I have a man who is willing sit and talk it through for 2 hours over coffee reasoning with me and willing to do anything in his power to make everything right.

“never love anyone who treats you ordinary” – oscar wilde